The Phobia Cure program

The Phobia Cure Program is a fast, effective treatment based on current brain science and the best therapeutic tools available today. It includes some very special things:

Free initial telephone consultation

We will talk briefly and in complete confidence about your phobia and how it affects you. This consultation is free and without obligation – only at the end of it do you decide you want to join the program.

Many clients have reported significant changes before they come and see us, just from having this brief consultation with a specialist who understands their phobia.

The session

This is a direct one-to-one session of 1½ hours with one of our therapists at our private clinics (or over Skype).

In the session we will talk about your phobia, how it has affected you and how you want to be in future. We will explain how phobias are created and maintained. And how they are cured.

Then we use a range of advanced tools – including a refined version of The Fast Phobia Cure – to unhook the emotions from the phobic trigger and memories so that you will never have to experience the phobia again, all the time ensuring you are calm and comfortable by using advanced relaxation techniques.

The session can be a pleasant, exhilarating and liberating experience.

After the session

You will be given a range of resources and tools to support the changes. Telephone and email support is also available (although rarely required).

Number of sessions

For what are called “simple phobias” – those that attach to a single object or class of objects (such as spiders, balloons, insects) – it usually requires a single session. For “complex phobias” – typically situationally-bound phobias like public speaking, social phobias, driving phobia, emetophobia and agoraphobia – two sessions are required.

What it costs

The clinic program is £250 a session. The online Skype program is £200 a session. Each session is 1½ hours but you should allow 2 hours in case of overrun.

What to do next

If you are reading this and think this is what you have been looking for and you are serious about getting help then take the next step and call us now on 0845 591 2345  to speak to a specialist about your phobia and how we can help you.