The cure

How can this work for me?

Your phobia symptoms are unique. But your phobia isn’t. So although it may feel like you are the only one, you are not.

You may also believe that your particular phobia cannot be cured. Or at least not without months of painful exposure or desensitisation therapy. You may think that your phobia is the exception to the rule, that you’ve had it for too long, that it is far worse than any therapist can imagine, that they won’t understand how serious or debilitating it is.

Well, there is a cure. And it’s consistently effective with all types of phobia. It’s fast and comfortable and it is being delivered by therapists who understand exactly how phobias work and how they affect you.

The cure

You already know that your phobia doesn’t make sense. But as you have found out, all the logic and reason and whatever you have told yourself – or others have told you – hasn’t changed it. So we don’t bother with all logic and reason. You know that doesn’t work. Instead we work with the unconscious mind that creates and drives phobias.

At the core of the program is a remarkable tool called The Fast Phobia Cure which works by changing the underlying subconscious patterns that have maintained the phobia. It effectively removes the emotional tag (the terror response) from traumatic memories. So that in future you can respond to your old phobic trigger just like you do to any other everyday object or situation. The phobia won’t work anymor

The Fast Phobia Cure

The Fast Phobia Cure is so reliably successful because it addresses the causes of phobias in a surprisingly simple and direct way. So although your symptoms are unique, because all phobias work in the same way, almost all phobias can be treated successfully with this method, even long-standing and severe phobias.

You can learn more about the science of phobias and how the Fast Phobia Cure really works on our knowledge page.

The advantages

The Fast Phobia Cure is:

Fast  The treatment usually takes only a single session. The brain learns very fast. It learned to be phobic very fast. Teaching it how not to be phobic can be, and is necessarily, equally fast. It does not take long-term treatment.

Safe  There is no direct confrontation with your phobic trigger and you will be calm and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Non-intrusive  You do not need to tell the therapist the precise details of your traumatic memory or phobic encounters. In fact, it is not important for you to even remember how it all started.

Hypnosis-free  Your conscious participation is required at all times during the session so, although we are qualified to use hypnosis, it’s not necessary and we don’t use it.

If you want to experience the Fast Phobia Cure yourself then call us on 0845 591 2345  and find out how we can help you.