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Fear of flying

Flying phobia
Panic or terror whilst flying
Buildup of dread before flying


If you want to be free from your fear of flying quickly and easily - if you want to fly in calm and comfort again - then welcome to the MindSpa phobia clinic.

You're in the right place because fear of flying is one of the most common phobias we treat. And we have treated many: from people who avoided flying completely to those who only ever got as far as the airport, to a man who passed out at check-in and a woman who persuaded the crew to let her off the plane after the doors had closed.

What is fear of flying?

Fear of flying ("FOF") is an irrational fear of flying, of being or feeling out of control whilst flying, causing dread, panic and avoidance. It usually covers the whole experience of flying - with a build-up of anxiety and dread from the moment the flight is booked, peaking on the day of travel and, if the suffer can get on a plane at all, the flight is endured with extreme discomfort or panic. Arriving exhausted and tired, any relief is often temporary as thoughts turn to the return flight.

Most people with FOF are normal, well- balanced people who once flew happily but are now anxious and panicky when flying or else don't fly at all. They know the statistics about how safe air travel is but this doesn't help them.

The cause

FOF can be caused by a traumatic or unsettling event (such as an in-flight emergency) but it is usually by a slow build-up of ideas (perhaps from films and the media) reinforced by a series of relatively minor incidents (like turbulence or long stacking) which tips people into mild panic and starts the pattern that develops into a full phobia.

Safety behaviours & avoidance

Safety and avoidance strategies are used by the sufferer to reduce the danger and to control and accommodate their panic and embarrassment.

Flights are avoided. Energy and time are used in planning and traveling by alternative means. Partners and families have to forego overseas holidays. Excuses are made to avoid business trips. Jobs and invitations may be turned down. People and situations may be manipulated.

Eventually these "solutions" become part of the problem as the sufferer's world starts to close in.

Most people who come to our clinic have avoided flying for years, even decades. But there comes a point (often through family or work pressure) where they think "enough is enough". And do something about it. And get help.

The cure

Some people use medication or alcohol to endure a flight but these often leave them in no state to enjoy a holiday or do business when they arrive. And once they stop using these methods the phobia is still there because they treat the symptoms, not the cause.

To treat the cause we use the Fast Phobia Cure, a method now widely accepted as the most reliable and effective treatment for all kinds of phobias, even long-standing and severe ones. It's fast, gentle and without the scare tactics and exposure used by the older and less effective FOF treatments. And it can require just a single pleasant treatment session to be free of your fear. So that in future you can fly in calm and comfort like you most probably used to. Flying can just become second nature again.

If you are reading this and think this is what you have been looking for call us now because you can speak to a specialist about your FOF and how we can help you.

Or take a few minutes to look at how this can work for you, what's in the program, why you should choose us and what it costs. Then get in touch.

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