Will this help with driving test nerves?

No. This program is for qualified drivers who have the skills and experience necessary to drive but who have developed a fear of driving that is getting in their way. If you are in any doubt about your driving skills and competence or you have not yet passed your driving test and been licensed to drive in your country of residence then you should not use this program because it will not give you the skills you need to drive.

What if my driving phobia is worse than anyone else’s?

Because phobics suffer so much they often believe that their phobia is worse than anyone else’s, that it is the exception to the rule, that they’ve had it for too long, that it is far worse than any therapist can imagine, that no therapist will understand how serious or debilitating it is.

You may be surprised that your anxiety, panic, control and avoidance behaviours are very similar to other people who fear driving. We see this all the time in our clinics. If we put all the clients we have ever treated who had a driving phobia in a room, you would be amazed at how their symptoms and responses had been almost identical to yours. And how large and full the room is.

What if I’ve had my driving phobia for years?

That’s okay. In fact it’s normal. People will often accommodate and manage their driving fear for many years before they take action and get help.

What if I can’t remember how my phobia started?

How a phobia began is, for the most part, irrelevant. It’s the patterns and reactions you have now that are important.

I am taking medication for my fear of driving, should I stop taking it?

No. Keep taking any medication. If you experience the expected beneficial changes in your phobia and anxiety after undertaking the program you may then want to talk to your doctor, physician or healthcare professional about stopping medication under their supervision. So keep taking any medication until your healthcare professional advises you otherwise.

Will it work if I’ve had therapy before?

You will find this program to be very different from other treatments. In our clinics we help many people who have tried other forms of therapy – sometimes long-term and painful therapy – for their phobia and are amazed that we can change things so quickly. Other therapists will deal with a whole range of issues – from weight loss to relationships – and may not have even dealt with a driving phobia before. We do this every week, sometimes every day. Sometimes we’ve seen three drivers on the same day. So we really understand driving phobias.

Is there ongoing support?

Yes, and it’s included in the program. If you need help and advice then feel free to email or call us and you’ll have direct access to our phobia therapists.

How much is the Program?

It’s usually a two session program at £200 a session, so £400 in total. We ask you to pay for each session as you come in.

How do I pay for my Program?

You can pay securely  online using your credit card, debit card or bank account via PayPal. You will receive immediate email confirmation of your payment. Your credit card or bank statement will only show MindSpa as the payee so your privacy is assured.

Image of PayPal and credit cards


 Is it safe to pay online?

Yes, very safe. Your payment will be processed by PayPal – the world’s largest payment processor – which uses proprietary security technology and military standard encryption to ensure your transaction is secure. You will also have the assurance of PayPal’s buyer protection scheme in addition to standard credit card payment protection.

Additionally, your card details are not held by us. All we receive is your name and e-mail address. We will not use these details in any way other than to contact you, should we have to, about your purchase.


If your driving phobia has been driving you crazy then it’s time for you to take action and call us on 0845 591 2345


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