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Driving phobia

If you want to be free from your driving phobia quickly and comfortably, if you want to drive in calm and with confidence again, then welcome to the MindSpa phobia clinic.

You're in the right place because driving phobia is the second most common phobia we treat. So although it can feel like you are the only one, you are not.

What is driving phobia?

Driving phobia is an irrational fear of driving, of being or feeling out of control whilst driving, causing dread, panic and avoidance. It is rarely skills related - most people with a driving phobia are good, competent drivers. They are usually normal, well- balanced people who once drove happily but are now anxious and panicky when driving or else don't drive at all.

The cause

Driving phobia can be caused by a traumatic or unsettling event (such as an accident) but is usually caused by something milder (like suddenly feeling a little strange when driving at speed on a motorway) which normally would be okay but at the time the individual was perhaps a lot more stressed that normal (background stress levels raised by other things like tiredness or financial, work or relationship problems) and this tipped them into a mild panic attack. This builds into a phobia.

So driving phobia is linked to different things for different people - to driving on wide open roads like motorways (most common), to dual carriageways, small roads, hills, high roads, bridges, flyovers, particular routes, junctions, to maneuvers (especially overtaking), to being boxed in by heavy traffic, to being close to particular vehicles (usually large or high-sided ones) or to being limited to a particular speed. It often starts on motorways and spreads to dual carriageways, then to smaller roads, restricting the routes, speed and distances that can be traveled.

Safety behaviours & avoidance

Safety and avoidance strategies are used by the sufferer to reduce the danger and to control, conceal and accommodate their panic and embarrassment.

As more and more routes or situations are avoided, the sufferer's world starts to close in. Energy and time are used in planning and driving alternative routes. They may have to drive at times when the roads are clear. Partners and friends may have to drive instead or take over en route. Excuses are made to avoid giving people lifts or traveling with friends and colleagues. Jobs, promotions and invitations may be turned down. People and situations are manipulated.

Eventually these "solutions" become part of the problem. When this happens most sufferers think "enough is enough". And do something about it. And get help.

The cure

A driving phobia is like getting a puncture: it happens to lots of people, it can happen to anyone, it makes driving very difficult or impossible, it's very frustrating, and it doesn't matter when, where or how you got it. You just know you've got it and that it can be fixed.

We do this fixing using the Fast Phobia Cure. It's fast, gentle and without the scare tactics and exposure used by the older and less effective driving phobia treatments. And it can require just a single pleasant treatment session to be free of your driving phobia. So that in future you can drive in calm and comfort like you most probably used to. Driving can just become second nature again.

If you are reading this and think this is what you have been looking for call us now to speak to a specialist about your driving phobia and how we can help you.

Or take a few minutes to look at how it can work for you, what's in the program, why you should choose us and what it costs. Then get in touch.

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