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What it costs

Phobia cure program: £200

This includes your initial telephone consultation, your one-to-one session of one and a half hours with a specialist at one of our clinics and unlimited telephone support (not usually needed).

Further sessions

The expectation is a single session treatment in almost all cases and we will advise you before you commit to the program if we think more may be required.

In our experience further sessions are very rarely necessary, especially with simple phobias. They may be needed for non-specific phobias. More details of simple and non-specific phobias are on our knowledge page.

Further sessions are £200 and one and a half hours in length.

If further sessions are required then we will only charge you for a maximum of four further sessions. After that treatment is free.

Telephone sessions

Some simple phobias can be successfully treated over the phone, especially those that have been relatively short-lived (less than 2 years since the start). Please call for details.

On-site services

If your phobia makes travel difficult or you need support at a particular place (for example at home, at an airport, at a conference or wedding before a speech) we can come to you. Rates vary according to time and travel costs incurred. Travel is usually limited to the UK mainland.


You can pay for your program with your credit or debit card.

When we confirm your appointment you will be given details of how to pay securely on-line.

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