About us

The Mindspa Phobia Clinic is one of the world’s leading specialist private phobia clinics.

Our main clinic is in Harley Street, London – a world centre of healthcare excellence in the United Kingdom – where every day our experienced, qualified therapists work with phobias of all kinds – even long-standing and severe ones – using the latest tools in psychotherapy. We’ve been doing this for well over a decade, so we’ve got the inside track on what works and what doesn’t work.

We are specialists

MindSpa runs specialist phobia clinics. This means our therapists have a deep specialism in phobias. So where other therapists may dabble in phobias, ours do nothing else but help people with phobias.

Our experienced therapists are all UK trained and qualified psychotherapists who have undergone additional advanced training in the treatment of phobias.

They practice brief solution-focused therapy which, using the most advanced tools drawn from psychotherapy, psychology and NLP, aims to make changes and move people forward quickly by doing what works. All our therapists carry professional insurance.

The best available treatment

Because we are passionate about curing phobias, we dedicate ourselves to delivering the best treatment. We believe the Fast Phobia Cure is just that: the best treatment available because it’s quick, safe and permanent. Our own clinical experience – and that of many other leading therapists – is that it will almost always successfully treat phobias in one or two sessions. More and more research is supporting this.

Well established

Our main clinic in Harley Street, London has been running successfully for 13 years and occupies permanent rooms (as opposed to many therapists who rent rooms on an ad hoc hourly basis when needed). Also unlike most therapists, our program is backed by an long-established UK registered and regulated company, Mindspa Limited (company number 3578470).


Fed up with your phobia and think it can’t be changed? Think again. Call us on 0845 591 2345 and find out how.